Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is an extremely effective treatment aimed at relieving abnormal tension in tight muscle bands. The results from IMS are immediate, and very often a dramatic change in your pain and movement is noted as soon as the treatment is finished.

Treatment is performed following an assessment to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. Treatment consists of the insertion of a solid, acupuncture needle (nothing is injected) into the tight band of muscle. Typically you will feel a jump in the muscle, which is associated with a Charlie Horse type sensation. Each time the muscle twitches, there will be a reflexive release in the muscle, resulting in an immediate increase in flexibility and improved muscle function.

The body learns habits (good or bad) quickly, and ‘muscle memory’ can cause the muscle to return to its previous tense state. Knowing this, we help retrain your body to learn the correct movement after an IMS session.

The muscle which receives treatment can often be sore for a few hours to a day or two following treatment. This soreness can be minimized by drinking lots of water before and following your treatment.