It is all too common that we contort our bodies to fit the geometry of our bike. An effective bike fitting with a physiotherapist combines the medical knowledge of the body, and adjusts the bike to meet your body’s specific geometry. Cycling is an incredible way to get fit and strong, while having a great time doing it. That is assuming that it’s comfortable, and that your bike fits you correctly.

When you consider that you spin your pedals over 10,000 times in a 2 hour ride, a few millimetres makes a huge difference.

When you come in for a bike fitting, our physiotherapist will discuss your injury history and cycling goals with you, and you will get a thorough exam of all your cycling specific joints and muscles. Watching how you currently ride your bike will give us the ability to connect your specific idiosyncrasies and pedaling technique to any symptoms you may be experiencing. We will then adjust the bike to perfectly fit your body and cycling needs.

We also look at the position of your handlebars, and discuss effective, efficient pedaling technique. We often find muscular imbalances between legs during the assessment, with some muscles too tight and others weaker. We’ll go over corrective exercises to address these imbalances, and detail their importance to your function.