With over 22 years of experience in massage therapy, Elisa has cultivated a broad and rich experience of how our bodies can heal.  With post-graduate studies in Traditional Qigong and Somatic Experiencing (SE), she offers you a gentle, holistic approach that promotes your body’s innate self-repair ability in order to release patterns of pain, tension and stress held in your body. Elisa encourages you to listen to your body’s unique cues and recognizes how that awareness plays an integral role in healing your body.

At Pivotal Health, Elisa focuses her practice on Chronic Stress & Acute Trauma Recovery. Her body-centred approach is particularly beneficial for recovery from acute accidents such as concussions, falls and motor vehicle accidents (MVA), as well as, alleviating common symptoms of chronic stress such as fatigue, body pain, digestive issues, headaches and insomnia.

Please email Elisa at elisa@pivotalhealth.ca with questions you may have about stress, trauma and massage therapy.


Registered Massage Therapist
Bachelor of Arts
Certified Meditation Instructor
Certified Acupressure Practitioner