What to expect from IMS therapy

We understand needles can intimidate even the strongest and mightiest giants out there. That's why we produced a detailed video to help explain the experience that you can expect if you decide to go for IMS therapy. IMS (aka dry needling) is a particularly effective treatment if you are experiencing chronic pain or if you are an athlete that has tight muscle regions due to overuse. 

IMS can deliver immediate relief of muscle tension and it can provide a drastic increase in your range of motion. Therapy is completed in a four step process that includes: 

1. Initial assessment to identify problem areas

Your physiotherapist will test your range of motion in regions where you are experiencing pain or reduced movement. 

2. Establish treatment plan

An extensive treatment plan will be developed to address your problem areas. Strategic muscle zones will be selected to provide effective relief and recovery. 

3. Insertion of acupuncture needles

Acupuncture needles will be inserted in to the selected regions. Insertion of the needles will cause your muscle to twitch, and you can feel an immediate increase in muscle flexibility and function.

4. Assessment of treatment effectiveness

The physiotherapist will re-test you range of motion to assess the effectiveness of the IMS treatment. This will help determine helpful exercises that will aid in your recovery, or if movement retraining should be recommended. 

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For more information about IMS, please visit our IMS service page.