Pivotal Health team session at Sweat Vancity


At Pivotal Health we appreciate every opportunity where we can sweat, learn, and grow together as a team. When Sweat Vancity owner, Christine Banno approached our team to try out their fitness program, we jumped at the opportunity. Sweat Vancity has become a well known workout facility in North Vancouver, that offers fitness programs that combine cardio and TRX Strength Training. This approach enables participants to increase their endurance while building lean muscle mass.


Check out the video to learn about the experience our team had at Sweat Vancity.

Intense combo of Cardio and TRX Strength Training

This combination kept the team's heart rate and caloric burn at high levels throughout the class. In a pure weight lifting or strength training workout, it becomes very easy for the heart rate to stabilize, resulting in fewer calories burned. In this class, it appeared very difficult to reach a plateau, as the team was constantly switching between intense cardio and strength training. Keeping us on our toes with the wide range of movements delivered a full body workout that tested our endurance. Using the TRX suspension system required the team to utilize their core strength to stabilize their bodies as their muscles were put to work. 

Sweating as a team is the best sweat


Our staff at Pivotal Health leads active lifestyles outside the clinic. We enjoy biking, hiking, and participating in CrossFit. However, there is nothing like working up a sweat amongst your team members. This team session at Sweat Vancity felt like going into the trenches as we pushed each other to go harder and faster. As Christine expertly coached us through the intense session, and the music pumped through the speakers, we were united and there was no stopping our team or our sweat. A commitment to movement is at the core of our culture and it was great to participate in this active event as a team. 

Stretching is key to recovery


As intense as our session was, it was great to see the focus on stretching and winding the pace down towards the end of the class. The tempo of the music also synced with the slower pace of  the stretching. This enabled our team to slow our bodies and our minds. Proper and adequate stretching is important to achieving peak recovery and mobility after an intense workout. We really appreciated that stretching and post workout movements were given appropriate consideration. 

The importance of community


Not only did our team get a fantastic workout in, we had a great opportunity to experience and learn more about the awesome services of a fellow business in our neighbourhood of North Vancouver. We really appreciate Christine and Sweat Vancity's hospitality as she hosted and coached our team. It's great to know that our fitness community is filled with vibrant and unique opportunities to engage with one another. We look forward to finding more ways to interact with local businesses and providing value to the community.

If you are interested in learning more about the great fitness programs at Sweat Vancity, check out their website here