Growing and learning as a team 


At Pivotal Health, education is one of our core pillars that strengthen our culture. Whether it’s learning new skills, or educating our clients, we are dedicated to taking in and sharing knowledge. One of the keys however, is to remember that there are many lessons that we can learn from experienced people within our community. Recently, our team was fortunate to participate in a team building seminar hosted by Jian Pablico. 

Jian Pablico is the co-founder of the forward thinking and community oriented gym, Distrikt Movement in North Vancouver. The unique aspect of his gym is the focus on community, culture, and treating exercise as a social event, rather than just a way to sweat. Jian has also established himself as a community and team builder. He has been travelling across the world sharing his knowledge and expertise, in an effort to help nurture effective leadership and communication. 

Here are a few takeaways from our team building session with Jian: 

Communication is always evolving


It can be easy to get caught up in our own specialized vocabulary and jargon. While this can be good for developing relationships and bonding, the terminology is not common knowledge outside of your social sphere. This is why it’s important to remember to take a moment to consider that others may not share the same knowledge or perspective. We can be more inclusive by recognizing this, and taking time to share and help others understand. 

Your values are unique and should be celebrated


We all have common responsibilities. Work, family, bills, and maybe a few hobbies. The distinguishing element however, is that we all have a unique perspective that values and feels differently about our goals and aspirations. This is what makes us unique individuals. By celebrating our individuality, special skills, or interests, we provide an opportunity for others to see our true identity that lives underneath the surface.

Empathy is key to working together


At our clinic, we take pleasure in treating a clientele with diverse ages, backgrounds, and professions. This diversity presents an opportunity to empathize with their unique situation, goals, and recovery process. By carefully considering different ways we can accommodate and help educate our clients, we can be more effective in working together to help reach our client’s goals. 

Our team certainly learned more about ourselves and each other during this informative and fun workshop. We will continue to look for opportunities where we can grow and learn together as a team. Check out Distrikt Movement to learn more about the fantastic fitness programs and the strong community that they have cultivated.