Rethink exercise: 3 Game changing workouts in North Vancouver

Fulfilling a successful workout schedule can be hard. It can easily become a mundane task, especially if you find yourself going to the same gym, doing the exact same workouts over and over again. Our bodies were not designed to perform robotic movements on a workout machine. Yes, our bodies are made to move and improve, but at the same time, it’s in our nature to have fun, be social, and be a part of a community. Why not incorporate these desires into our exercises?

Here are some fun and community driven programs in North Vancouver, that will bring excitement and activity to your week.

Crush Hush

Photo: Distrikt Movement

Photo: Distrikt Movement

Location: Distrikt Movement

When: Tuesday + Friday @ 6:00 - 7:15pm

Crush Hush is the flagship class at Distrikt Movement. It consists of a cutting edge combination of an intense full body exercise and a relaxing yoga component to finish off the session. It begins with high intensity interval training that will workout every muscle in your body. It finishes off with a yoga session that will stretch out your muscles and relax your mind. During the classes on Friday evenings, beer from the Deep Cove Craft is added to the regimen to strengthen the bonds between your fellow compadres.

Distrikt Movement have worked hard to develop and grow an authentic and welcoming community. If you are looking to rejuvenate your workout routine with a program that thinks outside the box, you should definitely give this a try.

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CFNV Boot Camp

Photo: CrossFit North Vancouver

Photo: CrossFit North Vancouver

Location: CrossFit North Vancouver


Monday to Friday 7:00am | Monday to Thurs 7:30pm

Saturday 7:30am | Sunday 8:30am

If you have developed a curiosity for CrossFit, but have no idea where to begin, this program is a great place to start. The CFNV Boot Camp is designed to establish overall fitness and experience. Skill building and conditioning is achieved with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, and plyo-boxes. Since all of the instructors are certified CrossFit coaches, this is a great opportunity to lean into their experience and gain exposure to a CrossFit environment. A program like this is a great way to develop confidence in using your muscle groups with proper form and instruction from coaches with expertise in performing at high levels.

Our physiotherapists, Andrew Sabarre and Gretchen McLennan frequently attend the more advanced CrossFit sessions each week, and have raved about the sense of community and support that CrossFit North Vancouver provides. If you are interested in taking your fitness to a new level, check out this daily boot camp. The first class is free!

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Sweat TRX

Photo: Marika McKenzie | Lululemon Profile on Sweat Vancity

Photo: Marika McKenzie | Lululemon Profile on Sweat Vancity

Location: Sweat Vancity

When: Classes offered daily

This class from Sweat Vancity utilizes TRX equipment to deliver a workout program that engages your entire body. This specialized equipment uses your bodyweight to produce resistance that develops your core strength, and builds lean muscle mass. Your balance will be constantly challenged, but it will result in strength that will be beneficial in your everyday life. Each class is guided by an energetic instructor that will provide guidance and ensure that you are pushing yourself to your full potential.

A unique feature at Sweat Vancity is the availability of Child Minding for children that are 8 weeks to 8 years in age. With children and tasks of everyday life, it can be challenging to find a moment that you can dedicate to structured exercise. This service empowers you to pursue an active exercise regimen, while having access to onsite child care that is supervised and safe.

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Maintaining an active lifestyle is challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. Working out in groups alongside people that have similar goals, delivers a great opportunity to provide and receive support. Programs led by experienced coaches and program instructors will also help ensure that you are pushing your limits with proper technique and form. These programs provide alternative and fun ways to introduce movement into your week. We look forward to seeing you out there.