Committed to: Community

At Pivotal Health we made a decision to rethink how we connect and engage with our community online. As a result, we have dedicated time and resources to properly consider ways we can help educate and nurture a dialogue with anyone that wants to commit themselves to an improvement in movement. 

We have redesigned our website so that you can easily book appointments, read helpful articles, and learn more about the work we are doing at Pivotal Health. We also want to provide an opportunity for you to get to know our dedicated and enthusiastic team members. Here are the changes we made to help foster a supportive community online. 

Redesigned Website

With this design we wanted to ensure that our visitors had an accessible and rich experience on both desktop and mobile. Every feature from booking appointments to reading informative articles, can be easily accessed on all platforms. The website will automatically adapt to deliver the best experience on whatever device or computer that you visit our website on.

Blog Posts 

Since one of our main pillars here at Pivotal Health is education, we will be using weekly blog posts to help share useful tips and information involving everything related to improving movement. We understand that physiotherapy and massage therapy, can get very technical, so we will be taking a relatable approach that is meaningful and accessible. The blog posts will also explore different organizations and programs in the community that are dedicated to fitness and movement. At the end of every blog post, we invite you to leave questions or comments that you may have. 

Staff Profiles

Our team at Pivotal Health is passionate and dedicated to providing quality care and education. The staff profiles are a great way to get to know our team. Here you can discover what motivates them, and find out about their interests in sport and movement. You can also easily book an appointment directly with the team member on their profile page. 

Social Media

Our Instagram and Facebook Page will have daily posts that feature useful tidbits, community announcements, and behind the scenes action here at the Pivotal Health HQ. We will also use the Facebook Page to generate discussions regarding anything related to improving movement. We would be happy to answer questions that you may have and look forward to connecting with you online.

We've realized the importance of creating a healthy dialogue online. The more opportunities we have to engage with each other and learn together, the stronger our community can become. If you have any questions or are curious about anything we have in the pipeline, please feel free to reach out on the website or on our Facebook page. We look forward to leaping into this journey together.

The Pivotal Health Team